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*an original Certificate of Naturalization for Naturalized citizens *A certified copy of a Report of Birth Abroad or an original Certificate of Citizenship for American citizens born abroad *A certified copy of a birth certificate from the Vital Records Office of your State of birth with the raised seal or seal of the State on the copy for native-born American citizens 3 PROOF OF TERMINATION OF ANY PRIOR (S) 4 A divorce decree death certificate or annulment decree must be submitted bearing the official seal of the government agency issuing the document(s) if there are any prior s 5 PARENTAL CONSENT TO MARRY Permission to marry from both parents must be submitted in the form of a notarized statement if the applicant for is under the age of eighteen (18).

A abroad under the s of the country where it is performed is generally accepted as valid in the United States with the possible exception of a jurisdiction in which certain types of might be prohibited as a matter of public policy for example between first cousins In Korea an American citizen who desires to marry must do so in accordance with the provision of article 812 of the Civil Code of 1960 in Korea is a civil procedure so a religious ceremony in itself does not constitute a legal CEREMONY 2 A valid United States passport is sufficient to prove U.S citizen for the purpose of Later however if you wish to arrange for your spouse to immigrate to the United States the United States Bureau of Citizenship and Immigration Services in the Department of Homeland Security Office in the Embassy will require one of the following documents as applicable at the time you submit the immigration petition Also if you have no valid U.S passport at the time of you must submit the appropriate document below to prove your U.S citizenship: The son-in- asks the bride’s parents for their daughter’s hand With very traditional fathers he will do this by bowing thereby and lying down on the ground in front of the parents-in- in order to show his respect The wedding date is scheduled by the bride’s parents Usually the bridegroom will bring the flat into while the bride contributes in turn the interior furnishings (especially the kitchen) Now at this stage they have still to absolve reciprocal visits to the bride and bridegroom’s respective parents Disclaimer: The following information relating to requirements of specific foreign countries is provided for general information only and may not be accurate in a particular case Questions involving interpretations of specific foreign s should be addressed to foreign attorneys or foreign government officials. As soon as the procession arrives at the parents’ place the bride’s parents will each receive a mandarin duck from the hands of the bridegroom’s witness The bridegroom places himself at the eastern side of the wedding table Then the bride approaches and positions herself at the western side Bride and bridegroom wash their hands and bow to each other A foreigner who undergoes this ceremony does not have to feel embarrassed if something should happen Dressed in these wedding garments it is quite difficult to undergo this ceremony The bride often can manage only with the help of two companions while the groom will barely be able to keep his hat on his head Afterwards bride and bridegroom exchange wine in small drinking vessels and bow in front of their parents and guests While in the west a wedding is more or less an affair between two individuals in Korea the entire family is involved – not only during the celebrations but also during the decision-making process In Korea there are not just two individuals marrying each other but there are instead two whole families that enter into a relationship together When a couple starts a relationship many parents refuse to meet the future daughter/son-in- until something greater is settled and the man has asked for the hand in of his wife-to-be In former times the couples were selected by their parents even promised to each other as early as in childhood Of course nowadays that is no longer possible The whole procedure (from the proposal to the actual ceremony) can happen in the following order: Q) I wish to file a divorce from my wife Our relationship ended in practice earlier this year and she returned to Korea in August We were marred in Korea I wonder how can I file for our divorce as she is in Korea but I am not living in Korea I would prefer uncontested but would go with a contested divorce if necessary But I am living in the UK Can you tell me what process I should pursue? A) At the outset as your wife lives in Korea you can file for divorce to a Family Court Even if your wife does not have a nationality it is still the same But you probably need to hire a legal counsel who can represent you in the court as you are not living in Korea With that said if you hire a divorce attorney you are not required to come to Korea nor to attend the court Your divorce attorney will handle everything.

Answer) Under in order to establish the marital relationship the parties must report their to the government Just having a wedding ceremony is not enough If the parties live together considering themselves each other’s spouse without reporting the it is called a de facto A de facto is not a legal Thus it is not entitled to the same level of legal protection as the legal But when it comes to the resolution of the de facto relationship the applies almost identical protection to the parties. March 8 2011 by yer 2 Comments First the grants the right of property division to each party of the de facto Each party is entitled to the share of the assets acquired during the relationship pursuant to his or her contribution Even if the party is solely responsible for the relationship breakdown the person is still entitled to Second a party can seek a consolation money against the other party if the other party is solely responsible for the relationship breakdown The amount the party can seek is decided by various Continue reading → Korea China However the costs are usually financed completely by financial gifts given by the guests and relatives There even remains usually a financial initial aid for the couple’s future The financial gifts are often given alternatively to the bride’s parents. May 7 2013 by yer 1 Comment In principle a wedding does not take very long While in the west one is used to go on celebrating the wedding deep into the night in Korea all persons involved will just sit together for a meal; bride and bridegroom will drink for their welfare with all their guests and then the wedding celebration will actually already be over The costs for such a festivity are very high Rent for a white bridal dress alone can cost ca 1,500 Euro per day In addition the traditional wedding dress is also purchased Altogether one may count for a traditional wedding with costs amounting to somewhere in the range of 10,000. Nationals Must Present the Following Documentation: 1 FAMILY CENSUS REGISTER (HOJUK DUNGBON) 2 The Family Census Register should be issued within six (6) months of the proposed date of Three (3) copies in and one English translation are needed The Family Census Register must be issued by the Mayor of the Ward Census Office where records of the prospective spouse's family are filed An extract of the Family Census Register (Hojuk Cho-Bon) will not be accepted 3 A VALID IDENTIFICATION CARD (JUMIN DEUNGNOK JEUNG) AND NAME STAME (TOJANG) 4 PROOF OF TERMINATION OF ANY PRIOR (S) 5 See part 2 of " DOCUMENTATION FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS" 6 PARENTAL CONSENT. Powered by .

Question) I am a US citizen and have been living with my boy friend for about 3 years in South Korea We loved each other and agreed to marry but we were so busy to have the legal process timely done and most importantly we found no need to do that We’ve just thought each other as husband and wife and so do our friends and families While living together he ran an Internet business and made a quite large profits from there I took care of every housework and sometimes I helped his business work too But recently I found he had cheated on me I was so shocked and got separated from him My concern is whether I have any right to the assets accumulated during our cohabitation like a property division right between divorcing couple. The does not take place at the Embassy The only function provided by the Embassy is the notarization of documents needed for The actually takes place at the Ward Office where a record is made on the family census register The official certificate of is also issued by the Mayor of Ward Office after the is duly registered Although the is spoken of as a ceremony it is primarily a routine clerical procedures For this reason many people also arrange to have a religious ceremony DOCUMENTATION American Citizens Must Present the Following Documentation: If the original documents are not submitted then copies must be certified by the issuing government authority No exception will be made 1 PROOF OF UNITED STATES CITIZENSHIP Females and males under the age of twenty (20) require written parental consent to marry and two copies (in only) will be required by the Koran authorities Certification of the parents as shown by their name stamp (Tojang) must accompany the written permission In the event the prospective spouse is under the age of 20 and the parents are deceased this requirement may be waived COMPLETE THESE FORMS 1 "Affidavit of Eligibility for " down through "Date Divorce Final" in triplicate (American females must complete four "Affidavits of Eligibility for ".) 2 "Report and Certificate of " down through "Date Divorce Final" in triplicate (Forms must all be originals.) PROCEDURES After THE THE US CITIZEN MAY PETITION THE SPOUSE FOR A K3 VISA ALTERNATIVE TO ABROAD: Instead of the above procedures it is possible to file a fiance visa petition for an alien to enter the United States as the fiancee of an American citizen Thus enabling the parties to marry in the United States Note that this is only possible if you have previously physically met your fiancee K1 Fiance Visa To consult a K3 visa attorney please call us at (626) 279-5341 or e-mail us at info@ An attorney in our office would be happy to assist you. Many weddings are nowadays a mixture between elements of both western and traditional weddings Often the couple goes first dressed in western wedding dresses in one of the modern wedding rooms This ceremony takes approximately 30 minutes and is admittedly not very suitable for providing lasting memories For this very reason more and more weddings in the traditional fashion are being held immediately after and in addition to this ceremony (or the modern ceremony is even given up entirely.) The next issue will be which nation’s divorce will govern your case when you file for divorce in Korea If your wife is a then the divorce shall be the governing If your wife is a UK citizen then the divorce of UK shall apply When the divorce becomes the governing in order to get a divorce decree you have to show some types of justifiable causes for divorce under such as domestic violence unchastity etc Not surprisingly court quite often issues a divorce ruling when it founds the was irretrievably broken Common grounds Continue reading → As a foreigner marrying a one need not fear this traditional ceremony Everything is planned in great detail and it is catered for so that all proceeds according to plan – There is not much that can go wrong The wedding usually commences with a photo session held in traditional garments – mostly in a garden in front of the temple or house in which the wedding ceremony is to take place The bride’s parents wait at the wedding table for the bridegroom’s procession which is headed by a person that acts as a kind of witness 1 After gathering the necessary documents and completing the attached forms bring them to the American Citizens Services Section of the American Embassy for processing and notarization There is a S$ fee 2 After notarization take the Affidavit of Eligibility for to the Ward Census Office for registration and signature of the Mayor of the Ward Office on the Report and Certificate for The Ward Office has forms of the Affidavit of Eligibility for in Hangul () for the party to complete in upon arrival there 3 After registration at the Ward Office return to the Embassy for the authentication of the Mayor's signature and seal on the two Reports and Certificates of

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